Over the years we've brewed a number of different beers, but these are the ones we keep returning to.

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A Perfect Golden Sunset

A citrussy witbier brewed with orange peel, coriander seed and fresh orange juice.

An Ode to No One label

An Ode to No One

This beer shares the same base as the Cherry Sunburst Stout. More malt, more hops, more of everything makes this a great Russian Imperial Stout.

Cherry Sunburst Stout label

Cherry Sunburst Stout

A malty chocolate stout aged with cherries.

Chocolate Sunburst Stout label

Chocolate Sunburst Stout

A malty stout that is dominated by Chocolate and Black malt flavors.

Full Stack IPA label

Full Stack IPA

A classic, nicely balanced IPA brewed with a secret ingredient to set it apart from every other IPA out there.

Graham Session label

Graham Session

A gently-hopped, milk brown ale brewed with graham crackers.

Little Miss Scare-Ale label

Little Miss Scare-Ale

We're still not sure how to describe this one. The best we can do is to say that it's an amber ale brewed with Rogue's Pacman yeast.

Stompbox Imperial Pilsner label

Stompbox Imperial Pilsner

A balanced imperial pilsner with mild hops, a gentle yeast, and a smooth finish. Fantastic on a hot summer day, this is your classic pilsner turned up to 11.

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White Noise

A classic witbier brewed with orange peel and coriander seed.